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Richard Vega tattooing black and grey realism for client

Richard Vega

Instagram: @richardvegatattoos

Richard is the owner of Richard Vega Tattoo Studio in Langley and has 22 years of tattooing experience.

He is originally from Lima, Peru and moved to Vancouver in 2004 where began working in the bustling downtown area in its busy studios.  

He moved to Langley with his family in 2020 where he started his own shop to continue pursing his passion and living the dream. 

Richard specializes in realism black and grey tattoos. 

Jon Tang

Junior Artist
instagram: @jota.inks

Jon started drawing around the age of 6 and became fascinated with oriental tattoos and artwork early in life. From this point, Jon always knew he wanted tattoos.

He continued working in art by pursing graphic design and worked in the field for 10 years before he dropped everything to pursue tattooing. Jon enjoys tattooing Japanese traditional colour tattoos and black and grey realism.

Nicole McIntosh

Junior Artist

Nicole (Nic) has been drawing and painting her entire life. She studied graphic design and began practicing tattooing in 2019 when her brother and sister-in law gifted her her first tattoo machine. She started a business in semi-permanent makeup in 2022 and wanted to continue pursuing her artistic passion by tattooing body artwork. Nicole specializes in fineline and linework tattoos and is interested in American traditional.

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