1. Leave bandage on until morning.

  2. When you get up, give it a good wash with unscented soap, pat dry with paper towel.

  3. At this point, make sure your tattoo remains dry for 3-5 days, showering may be tricky during this time but do your best Not to soak your tattoo as that will start to pull the ink out. 

  4. Never apply petroleum products (e.g. jelly) on a tattoo as it will fade it.

  5. Moisturize if necessary after 48hrs with unscented lotion. (e.g. Lubriderm)

  6. The tattoo will dry & scab and *might be* itchy DON'T scratch or pick at the scabs!

  7. It'll heal in 2-3wks. After that, apply Sunscreen (SPF 60+) when you're out in the sun. Protect yourself and your investment. Always stay in the shade.