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  1. ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your tattoo

  2. Remove bandage the next morning after being tattooed. 

  3. Wash the tattoo with water and unscented soap, rinse well. Pat the tattoo dry very carefully (do not rub).

  4. Apply a thin layer of Polysporin cream (blue packaging) 2 times a day, after 2 weeks switch to an unscented moisturizing lotion eg. Cetaphil

  5. *OPTIONAL pure coconut oil can be used the first week in substitute of polysporin - please be allergy aware.

  6. DO NOT EVER re-apply a bandage or covering to a tattoo.

  7. Do not share your lotion with anyone.

  8. The tattoo will scab/peel, do not pick or rub if the tattoo itches during healing, if itching occurs, apply more ointment.

  9. Avoid submerging the tattoo under water for a minimum of 2 weeks, (No pools, hot tubs)

  10. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight, beach, tanning beds as well

  11. Avoid extremely dusty or dirty environments, please keep your tattoo as clean as possible 

  12. Your tattoo should heal within 2 weeks and be completely healed in 4 weeks, If you have any questions, please contact your artist directly. 

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